Statovac-komerc d.o.o.

Statovac-komerc d.o.o. was established in the year of 1991. The primary objective of the company’s activity is wholesale and import-export of school, office, gift and art materials.

The combination of fresh management and long lasting tradition lead to the creation of a company that’s very well known for it’s business activities, success and quality of the merchandise and services. Our company’s organized and developed sales network in Serbia and surrounding countries is expanding to South European countries. With larger offer of products, and higher demand on the ever growing market there was a need for bigger office and storage space, which was handled by greatly expanding the office, sales and storage space. Statovac is now also present in Belgrade with our new 450m2 showroom.

Statovac-komerc d.o.o. is also known as exclusive licensed manufacturer and distributor of reputable world brands in the department of school, office, gift and art materials. Some of the brands that we represent are: FC Barcelona, FC Real Madrid, Disney, Marvel, FC Partizan, FC Red Star, Pebeo, Talens and many more… We also have in offer our unique brands: Play, Junior, Sazio, Festa, Empire, Professional and StandArt.

The constant need and search for quality in production has made our brands one of the most recognizable on the market.

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